Advanced Security Bundle

Today’s security threats are numerous: hackers, ransomware, phishing, lost devices, and stolen passwords. It takes a combination of measures to protect your business. We’ve combined basic security, such as antivirus and email security, with advanced measures, like managing your firewall and a secure Internet gateway, to protect your perimeter—inside and out. The Advanced Security Bundle also gives you the advantage of an Annual Risk Assessment and Electronic Policy Management.

Employees use the Internet for all facets of their job and they need support for secure access. Our solution provides your team visibility and protection for all Internet activity, anywhere. As attackers try to infiltrate your network with different tactics, our solution blocks harmful traffic without adding latency.

When is the last time your security policy was updated? Did all of your employees review and sign off that they read and understood the policy? Were changes communicated? When we first started deploying policies, we had a lot of trouble with this. We had employees sign-off, but we weren’t good about doing the same with new employees or in how we handled change management. That’s why we think the Electronic Policy Management platform in the Advanced Security Bundle is a must-have.

How often are you assessing your risk?

Consider the Advanced Bundle if...

  • You understand your risk and want to push your security posture forward
  • Employee training is missing from your current strategy
  • You have a mid-size business with moderate risk

As Service Desk Manager I see a lot of tickets related to security. Often they are questions about the safety of links, but sometimes it’s that they lost their phone or computer or they were just notified they were part of a breach. Fortunately, there are great password management and mobile device management tools available. We have two of the best ones bundled in our Advanced Security Package. When someone asks me what they should do as a next step, I always refer them to our security bundles as our CTO has done the work to research and vet these products and our engineers and techs are experienced in installing and supporting them.

Scott Eckard
Service Manager,
NetGain Information Systems

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