Server Management

Are your servers patched and up-to-date? Cyber attacks and security breaches cost American companies and organizations billions of dollars in lost data, lost productivity, and lost revenues.
Too often this is due to unpatched and unmanaged servers.

We protect your data. We protect your organization. Securing your business information and protecting the data assets of your organization is one of our top priorities.

Our Managed Services are built on some of the best remote monitoring and management systems available. Most Managed Services Providers do not invest heavily in watching over your network. There’s a big downside to that practice. We prefer to predict failures and fix them before they cause downtime. And in those situations when we cannot, our tools give us accurate data to troubleshoot the cause.

Better than fixing problems, we avert them.

Server Management includes:

  • Advanced Performance Monitoring
  • Configuration Management
  • Key Application Maintenance
  • OS Patch Management
  • Real Time Server Optimization
  • Scheduled Backups with Test Restoration Assurance
  • Optional Specialty Application Management e.g. SQL
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • Discounted Project Work

NetGain doesn’t just manage our servers, they support our business processes by working with our application vendors to match requirements, perform maintenance and guide user behavior. This is above and beyond what you typically think of when you sign-up for server management. NetGain is a true ...Read More

Colin McBride
Vice President of Finance and Risk Management
Thomas and Marker Construction

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