You invest in your people for a reason. You invest in technology for the same reason. Shouldn’t you make sure the two are working for you, together, to accomplish your business goals?

More than just managing PCs, we empower users. Our help desk is 24 x 7 so a knowledgeable technician is always available to respond to your team’s questions.

We take time for the little things. We create pilot groups to test patches before deploying across your entire base. We manage your inventory and refresh cycle. We recycle hardware - usually at no additional cost. We schedule weekly PC boots to keep them up-to-date. We use passwords to verify your users and manage their requests. We educate, push and prod on security measures to keep your environment safe. Does your team or current provider do these things?

The fastest PC will always be limited by the user. Empower your employees today.

PC Management includes:

  • Advanced Performance Monitoring
  • Configuration Management & Enforcement
  • OS Patch Management
  • Real Time Workstation Optimization
  • PC Recycling
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • Discounted Project Work

Excellent customer service and quick response. NetGain provides exactly what our employees need to feel comfortable with technology.

Leann Taylor
Chief Deputy Auditor
Logan County

Server Management

Regularly-scheduled maintenance to address vulnerabilities before they cause disruptions.

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Network Management

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