Mobile Device

Are your employees' smartphones an open door to your secure network & critical data?

Mobile computing is becoming an increasingly vital component of every business operation. As end users access critical business information, communicate with customers, and leverage their mobile device to support their day to day activities, you need to ensure that the same management, security and oversight solutions you rely on for your IT are applied to mobile devices.

Don’t rely on half-baked security. It only takes one wrong click for a data breach to put you and your entire organization at risk. All it takes is one lost phone without a password for all your corporate data to become available to anyone.

Key Features

  • Remotely wipe lost devices
  • Track device location via GPS
  • Standardize configuration for fast and easy provisioning
  • Enforce Security Protocols
  • Track & report on mobile assets
  • Managed Device Warranty

The seasonality of our business requires us to onboard contractors quickly. Using tablets managed by NetGain we are able to provide our field resources with the tools they need to be productive, while ensuring our data and assets are protected.

Tom Keifer


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