Tabletops and Recovery Plan Testing

We’ve all played the “what-if” game and assume we know how we would respond in various scenarios. Can you say the same for your team? Tabletop Testing is a way to ensure your answer is YES.

In a Tabletop Exercise, a trained facilitator leads 3-7 participants in an informal discussion around pre-planned scenarios designed to identify potential gaps in business continuity planning.

Each Tabletop Test includes a pre-session design call to confirm session objectives and ensure our understanding of your business and processes. Using this information, our team will customize up to two scenarios for your session. Following the session we’ll provide a documented list of action items so you can immediately improve your DR plan.

A Tabletop Test is a great option when the group needs a refresher, when you’ve had turnover, or if your business model has changed.

A tabletop test allows you to:

  • Identify critical operations
  • Heighten awareness of your plan and standard operating procedures
  • Identify and prioritize response activities
  • Test a single component or department
  • Walk through your plan prior to live drills or application tests

In a short period of time and minimal amount of money and resources, you are able to acquaint key personnel with emergency responsibilities and one another.

Gary Smart
Directory of Disaster Recovery
NetGain Information Systems

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