Mobile Recovery

Flooding, wind damage, fire damage are all real threats these days. If your business is affected by any of these, where will your employees work? Where will your customers conduct business? Consider a mobile recovery option. Within 72-hours, you can have a mobile office delivered to your site of choice.

Companies typically employ one of two mobile strategies in their Business Continuity plan. One is to utilize a mobile unit at a location near their facility for recovery that is closer to home—for their employees and their customers. The second strategy is to contract for a mobile unit as a back-up or contingency strategy. At our Business Recovery Site we have space and hitching posts to accommodate up to six mobile units. These hitching posts connect power and fiber to your mobile unit.

“The configuration is up to you — a banking center, a call center, or an IT Operations Center.”

Mobile Units:

  • Can be Used for End Users and Data Centers
  • National Delivery in 24 or 48 Hours
  • Onsite Support for Deployment, Setup, and Networking
  • Fully Functional Voice and Data Networking with Satellite
  • Pre-Installed Voice and Data Cabling
  • On-board Generator and Climate Control
  • No Special Permits or Travel Restrictions

Mobile units are great options as they can be deployed easily to a location of your choice. They are an excellent complement to your physical seat strategy.

Brad Thien
New Business Development
NetGain Information Systems


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