Call Center & Work Group Recovery

Recovery. It’s the difference between success and failure of your business after an interruption. But, recovery doesn’t just happen. It takes planning.

Our Business Recovery Center is a purpose-built, handicap-accessible, 11,000 square-foot facility with three acres of paved parking spaces, featuring multiple office suites that accommodate a total of 220 staff. Multiple conference rooms, workgroup areas, spacious lunchroom with kitchen and catering access, full restroom facilities and spacious reception area give your team a familiar atmosphere.

Our recovery center is connected to one of the largest, private fiber-optic networks in the Midwest: with 100 Gbps access to 51 carriers located in multiple data centers in the Columbus region. It has fast Ethernet connections to all workspaces, plus building-wide network access to mimic the way your team works.

Individuals not involved in enterprise risk management often view risk mitigation efforts and response plans as expensive insurance policies their firms will rarely, or ever, use. However, as is often the case, conventional wisdom is wrong. According to our study, 62 percent of respondents have experienced a critical risk event at least once during the last three years.

Source: Forrester/DRJ Survey 2019

Recovery Center Offers:

  • 11,000 square foot Climate-Controlled Environment
  • Multiple End-User Suites
  • Backup Generator and UPS Protection
  • Conference Room and Break Room
  • Parking
  • Work Space/Cube with Chair, Computer and Phone
  • Local Network Connectivity and Internet
  • On-Site Fiber Vault
  • Multiple Carrier Access
  • Network Office Printers
  • Fax Machines and Copier
  • 24-Hour Test Time Per Year

We find that nearly all of our clients test their Business Continuity Plan at least once per year. Some test twice a year and tests range from four to a hundred and twenty hours. That’s a lot of testing, but it’s good to know that in case of a declaration our clients and team are prepared.

Michael Minnich
CEO NetGain Information Systems

Backups & SAN Replication

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