Backups and SAN Replication

What is your RTO and RPO? Don’t know? Maybe your provider isn’t asking the right questions. We’ll match your Restore Time and Restore Point objectives to appropriate solutions for your business.

The “unthinkable” happens daily in our highly transactional, data driven, connected work environments. What if that “unthinkable” is ransomware? We hear companies and managed service providers are paying the ransom to get their data back. A better strategy is to have backups that you can restore your data from. We offer GDPR, HIPAA and ISO 27001 Compliant Backup Solution to give you peace of mind, while supporting your disaster recovery plan.

Are you Nimble? NetGain offers SAN-to-SAN replication to clients with a Nimble already in their infrastructure and wishing to extend certain volumes of the Nimble to a secondary Nimble in the cloud. Our solution includes setup and maintenance, minimum of 1 Terabyte space, network connectivity for fiber-based clients, replication and monthly checks.

Why pay in and out charges to move your data across the network?

What Makes Us Better?

  • Fiber connected – NetGain provides clients a fiber connection with no additional metro Ethernet costs
  • Enterprise-Grade with 99.9999% storage availability
  • No in and out charges for the movement of data across the network
  • Simple and reliable
  • Cloud visibility
  • 24x7x365 Support

At NetGain, we monitor our clients backups daily, and test our managed services clients backups every week to ensure their data is there when they need it. Does your service provider?

Luke Skidmore
NetGain Information Systems

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