Up to 100 Gbps

Whether you access your applications in the cloud or back your data up offsite, your connection is critical. We understand the need for fast, secure, highly-available solutions. That’s why we built our own fiber network.

We offer low latency point-to-point connections and Internet bandwidth up to 100 Gbps. And, because we have points of presence (POPs) in data centers such as Cologix and Expedient, you have access to a host of carriers and services providers including Amazon.


Best of all, our 24x7x365 Network Operation Center (NOC) is located in central Ohio allowing you to talk to a friendly technician who is monitoring your circuit and can address your questions. Need to upgrade your bandwidth, just give us a call. Upgrades take minutes—not days.

Furthermore, your Internet won’t be throttled or prioritized and we don’t track or sell your data. In fact, we offer an unmetered voice and Internet package as low as $45 a user.

We are currently building last mile entrances for Industrial Parkway between Marysville and Dublin.
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