Managed RF

More than you may realize, your wireless network is an investment. If you’re tired of weak signals, dead spots, or inconsistent performance, NetGain’s Managed RF Service can help.

Is Your Wireless Network Keeping Up?

Like most organizations, your network has grown in size and complexity, you have more devices using wireless, and performance expectations are higher than they’ve ever been. Wireless works on frequencies, so many factors such as building layout, appliances, even neighboring buildings can affect performance. Network and device changes affect your wireless network as well. In the past, it was easy enough to add a few more access points…and that typically resolved the issues. Today, however, you need expertise to select appropriate access points and place them in the correct places to get the coverage you need. With Managed RF you get this expertise in a subscription service priced by the square foot.

Nobody likes downtime or unpredictability. Managed RF provides continuous, end-to-end support when recommended actions are implemented.

What’s included:

  • AN INITIAL SITE SURVEY - Our engineers will conduct a site survey to make recommendations for optimal wireless coverage and performance
  • ANNUAL VALIDATION - Your initial site survey will be validated annually through performance testing and verification from our engineers
  • PREDICTIVE SITE SURVEYS - We’ll conduct predictive site surveys if you need to modify your building structure or layout, so you’ll know how your network will be affected
  • TROUBLESHOOTING - You’ll have access to engineers who can help you troubleshoot coverage or interference issues anytime

Wireless connectivity provides our nurses with the mobility they need to perform their jobs and care for our residents 24 hours a day. Once we realized the critical nature of our wireless network, we added RF management to our NetGain services. Now I am confident we have the right technology installed ...Read More

Lorraine Fischio
Logan Acres Nursing Home


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