Not all Internet is equal. A 100 Mbps connection over fiber performs differently than a coaxial or DSL based connection. There are even different types of fiber internet connections, with significantly different performance between them. A synchronous connection performs differently than an asynchronous connection. An undersubscribed network is different than an oversubscribed network. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere (like our COO), you have options, so do your homework and buy smart.

Read the fine print before buying, or talk to us. We can walk you through what an offer really means. Some deals are what they advertise, but many are not. We often hear of downtime, congestion, high latency and reduced upload speeds. If you read the fine print in other providers’ advertisements, you might even see “actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed”. Ouch.

NetGain is a founding member of the Ohio Internet Exchange, or Ohio IX for short. This means we can offload traffic to partners in Columbus creating more bandwidth and lower latency for our users. With the IX, your local traffic is intelligently routed to use closer and faster connections. No one drives to Chicago to go to the other side of town, why should your data?

Did you know that some carriers sell your data?

What Makes Our Internet Better?

  • Fast, Fiber-Fed Business-Class Internet
  • Net Neutral
  • We Won’t Sell Your Data
  • Unmetered Internet Options
  • Fast 100 Gbps Bandwidth
  • Same Download and Upload Speeds (Synchronous)
  • Redundancy Throughout Network for Optimal Uptime
  • Blended Internet From Several Top Carriers
  • Local NOC Support 24x7x365

I know speed matters, but I didn’t realize the difference in performance between carriers until I experienced NetGain’s Internet. It’s fast!

Lou Vito

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