Dream IT


The following resources, created by CompTIA’s Advancing Women in IT Community (AWIT), are designed to interest students 13 to 18 years old in technology and create awareness of the wide range of careers available in the Information Technology (IT) industry.

The Issue

Research shows that while 97% of students say they like or love technology, only 18% are interested in a technical career. (Read the highlights here “Love of Technology Doesn’t Translate” or download the full report.)

Turns out, students have misperceptions about information technology (IT). They don’t understand the possibilities and the variety of careers available — and that’s unfortunate, because there is a great demand for skilled IT workers.

The latest Labor Insight Report from Burning Glass Technologies shows nearly
1 million IT jobs available in the U.S. alone.

The Goal

AWIT community volunteers, who are also professionals in the IT industry, created a program called Dream IT to introduce students (specifically young women) to this key message: Students can find rewarding careers in IT based on things they already like doing, like art, math, science, sports, fashion, music and working with people. The program advises student to start with their own interests and strengths, add IT and discover fulfilling career possibilities.

Student Interest + Technology = Rewarding Careers

The Resources

Introduce students to the joy of science, technology, engineering and math, increase opportunities and earning power and help alleviate the IT skills gap using these Dream IT resources. Share them with teachers in your school and network, and send information about these resources home to parents.

The Dream IT site is the main website for the Dream IT program. All of the resources listed here plus additional resources are available on this website.

Dream IT Presentation
(15 minute video)

The Dream IT Presentation video emphasizes that there are a large variety of opportunities in IT careers. It advises that you start by identifying your strengths and interests, add IT, and discover exciting career possibilities.

Dream IT Slide Deck

The Dream IT (Slide Deck) covers the same content as the Dream IT video and can be modified to fit the needs of the group.

The Dream IT Discussion Guide contains discussion questions that can be used with either the video or PowerPoint deck.

A Place for you in IT
(3 minute video)

This video highlights the learning experiences and future plans of high school women from Chicago Tech Academy, an Illinois STEM school also known as ChiTech.

Consider IT
(3 minute video)

This video highlights many reasons to consider a career in IT, and includes stories from several women in information technology.

Test Drive an IT Career
(Set of short videos)

The 17 videos in the Test Drive series highlight “a day in the life” of a variety of different technician roles.

The AWIT Career Resource Center is a website with information about IT careers. It is open to anyone (female or male, students or adults) who wishes to learn more about IT careers.

Skillsboost is designed to give students, parents and teachers an understanding of what an IT career looks like and the ways that vendor neutral certifications can help launch your career.

The program overview includes resources to help students choose potential paths of employment, and education on opportunities for long-term career growth. You will find information, tools, and resources designed to help school administrators and instructors plan, prepare, and deliver an effective IT curriculum.

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