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County & City Government

Compliant and efficient solutions for state and local offices

We are proud to serve those that serve the public. With over two decades of experience helping government agencies find and implement the right IT for their departments, NetGain is Ohio’s experienced service provider to call when your technology is underperforming or causing problems. When you’re fulfilling the mission of public service providers, your government-specific IT needs to meet the demands of regulatory compliance and fiduciary responsibility. We can help strengthen and modernize your IT systems at reasonable costs to enable you to be more competitive.



We focus on your tech so you can focus on your patients

Few industries face as complex a set of technical demands as the modern healthcare industry. We’ve worked with private practices and large hospitals throughout Ohio, making sure their IT systems are running smoothly and efficiently, because downtime in healthcare can be a matter of life and death. With a regulatory environment so prone to change, doctors and support staff can’t be expected to keep up while also keeping completely focused on the health of their patients. We keep entire IT infrastructures of Ohio healthcare organizations compliant, reliable, and secure. See what we can do for you today.


Education (K-12)

Technology for teaching and learning

Today’s classroom has moved far beyond paper and pencil, textbook and chalkboard. Modern schools need powerful and efficient new IT to run the programs that young people today need to be proficient in. Students no longer communicate with classmates and instructors in the classroom only, they collaborate online using powerful new communication solutions. At the same time, schools must do this all in the face of increasingly tight budget constraints.

We are passionate about the future of our children and the power of education IT. We are committed to finding affordable, custom solutions to the tech challenges that Ohio schools face. We’ll keep you up and running with the latest tech at a price you can afford.


Electrical Cooperatives

Ensure your IT is an asset to your cooperative

Inefficient IT may actually be undermining your mission. At NetGain, we help make sure your technology is helping you increase the value you offer to the members of your electrical cooperative. Optimized IT helps you deliver better member support, provide a safer working environment for your employees, and stay in total compliance with federal and state regulations. We’ve been helping cooperatives in Ohio find and implement the best, mission-specific technology for their organizations for decades. We’d love to help you succeed, too.